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The Electoral District of Oxford (35080) consists of the County of Oxford and part of Brant County lying west of Etonia Road and East Quarter Townline Road.

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Oxford is a picturesque blend of rural and urban, business and agriculture. Encompassed in this district are the towns of Ingersoll and Tillsonburg, the city of Woodstock, and the municipalities of Norwich, South-West Oxford, Zorra, Blandford-Blenheim, and East-Zorra-Tavistock.

Our strategical geographic location, in the midst of Canada’s prime agricultural land and Ontario’s industrial basin, gives Oxford an advantage that other communities could only look at with envy. Our transportation routes are among the best in North America and include main line railway routes and the 400 series highways.

Manufacturing and agriculture are the major industries, with auto parts makers centered around the CAMI plant in Ingersoll and the Toyota Plant in Woodstock. Over 2000 farms in Oxford produce dairy, beef, hog, poultry, cash crops, fruits and vegetables and specialty products.