Auditor General finds billions in Liberal inflationary waste that Canadians will be stuck paying for

December 06, 2022

Ottawa, ON — Jasraj Singh Hallan, Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance and Middle Class Prosperity, Adam Chambers, Conservative Shadow Minister for National Revenue, Tracy Gray, Conservative Shadow Minister for Employment, Future Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement regarding the Auditor General’s COVID-19 performance audit reports:

“Today the Auditor General confirmed what Conservatives have been warning about since 2020 – wasteful spending due to a lack of controls as identified by the Auditor General has contributed to the cost-of-living crisis. This is a pattern, and the Liberals never learn and continue to make the same mistakes. Canadians are suffering as a result. 

“The Auditor General found that “Employment and Social Development Canada established performance standards by focusing solely on the speed of payment” and identified at least $32 Billion in overpayments and suspicious payments that require further investigation. The lack of controls put in place by the Liberal government as identified by the Auditor General undoubtedly contributed to this mess that taxpayers will be forced to pay for.

“As the Leader of the Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, said in April 2020, “Government should never punish or limit work.” The Auditor General confirmed today certain measures negatively affected small businesses and the economy by disincentivizing work.

“Canadians are struggling with 40-year highs in inflation and unprecedented labour shortages. 1 in 5 Canadians are skipping meals, 1.5 million Canadians are visiting food banks in a single month – half of which are children. Credit card debt is at a record high. It takes 67% of income to service a traditional mortgage, and average rent across Canada is nearly $2000 a month. Inflationary waste is driving up the cost of living. And yet, the Liberals are determined to double down on this failed inflationary approach with current and future programs.

“Canadians are out of money and this government is out of touch.”