Erin O’Toole unveils his Contrat avec les Québécois et les Québécoises

August 18, 2021
Quebec City, QC – The Contrat avec les Québécois et les Québécoises, announced today by the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, aims to put the economy back on track, promote regional economic development, and defend the interests of the Quebec nation. In the first 100 days of a Conservative government, several actions will be taken to give Quebec the powers of a nation. “After six years of Justin Trudeau’s overbearing and muddling-through style of government from Ottawa, Quebec needs a change,” said O’Toole. “We will work together to beat him. Quebecers deserve a federal government that listens to them and respects them. This is more than a promise, it’s a plan. The Conservatives will stimulate the economy, contribute to the development of our regions, respect the Quebec nation, and protect the French language. We will also ensure that Quebecers are well-represented at the negotiating table in Ottawa, as well as being a government that will always respect human rights, including a woman’s right to choose.” Within the first 100 days of a Conservative government, Erin O’Toole and his Conservative team will implement the Contrat avec les Québécois et les Québécoises, including: Increasing Quebec’s powers over immigration. Addressing the labour shortage. Preserving the history and built heritage of Quebec. Working with Quebec to apply Bill 101 to federally regulated businesses. Respecting the right of Quebec to pass its own laws to protect its language and culture. Negotiating the establishment of a single tax return for Quebec and maintaining the federal tax centres in Jonquière and Shawinigan. Ensuring predictable, stable, and unconditional federal health transfers. Ensuring integrity and fighting Liberal corruption. Not raising taxes and income taxes. Establishing a federalism based on partnership. “I dream of a Canada where the French language is well-protected, where Quebecers are heard, and where Quebec has all the tools to ensure its prosperity,” concluded O’Toole. “Together, we will preserve your heritage, your language, and your history. Together, we will put the economy back on track, maintain our standard of living, and build a better future. And together, we will stop Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.”