Trudeau’s not-so-hidden agenda: Legalizing hard drugs

October 09, 2019

Trudeau refused to rule out legalizing more drugs in TVA debate

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have left the door wide open to legalizing hard drugs in Canada if re-elected. Trudeau refused to rule out the possibility during the TVA debate saying he wouldn’t legalize hard drugs “right now”.

Here is what Trudeau said:

Parents who doubt Trudeau’s motivation need look no further than the radical positions on drug legalization of those running to be Liberal Members of Parliament across the country.


Studies have show that drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth are extremely dangerous substances that tear families apart, make our communities unsafe, and have lasting effects on individuals who choose to use them. 

In 2018, Liberals voted overwhelmingly to remove criminal penalties for the possession of hard drugs:

Trudeau’s plan to legalize all drugs is extremely irresponsible, and Canadians deserve to know exactly how this will affect their families and their communities.

Trudeau cannot be trusted to make responsible decisions for Canadian families. He is not as advertised.